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We specialize in termite control Sydney, Australia. Our services also include spider, cockroach and low-toxicity termite control.

For all termite related system installations and replenishments, we recommend Bruce Gow of A1 Pest Control.

We specialise in termite irrigation, replenishment & treatments Sydney, Australia. A1 Pest Control also controls other forms of pest such as ants, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches, as well as conducting Thermal Termite Inspections using the latest technologies from Termatrac and Fluke Imaging Systems

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We cover all of the Sydney Metropolitan area for termite inspections, termite control and pre-purchase property inspections.

A1 Pest Control owner Bruce Gow has over 30 years of experience in pest control. He’s established a company with a stellar reputation built on professionalism and top tier customer service. A1 has also invested in the latest termite detection systems from Termatrac and Fluke, systems which combined cost around $AU25,000 and ensure a bullet proof termite inspection.

We service across the Sydney Region and offer some of the most affordable and reliable treatments around!

Originally, the “Ultimate System” was firstly developed to protect the entire under-slab of new buildings, which would provide maximum protection against termite infestation. The Ultimate system fully conforms with AS3660.1-1995, called up by the BCA, the Building Code of Australia.

After that the Perimeter & Penetrations Retreatment Systems were developed for a greater cost effective option.

The Perimeter & Penetrations Retreatment Systems can now enable the charging of termite control agents to service penetrations & external perimeters of buildings of slab construction. These type of systems are currently nationally certified by the ABCB, (Australian Building Codes Board) in compliance with the BCA – Building Code of Australia.

The latest system developed is called the Perimeter Retreatment & Armoured Shields Systems. This system provides cost effective physical protection to the penetrations with its patented PVC shield, in conjunction with external perimeter piping around the building which provides a replenishable termite protection.

All Termguard Systems are installed with the slab laid to the Australian Standard AS2870-1996.


In brief: There are 3 options to builders using Termguard;

No.1 Perimeter Retreatment & Armoured Shield System

External PVC perimeter piping, with child proof trap, with PVC penetrations protection shields. This system is installed & charged with approved termiticide & also has warranty for the life of buildings* with AS2870-1996*

No. 2 Perimeter & Penetrations Retreatment

Central manifold with reticulated piping installed to external perimeters & plumbing penetrations, with child proof traps. The system is installed & charged with approved termiticide & warranted for the life of the buildings*

No. 3 Ultimate Termite Proofing

Central manifold with complete under-slab & perimeter reticulated piping what has a continuous & replenishable horizontal & vertical barrier, with pump-up points and a child-proof trap. The system is installed & charged with approved termiticide & then warranted for the life of the buildings*

All 3 of the above Termguard Termite Reticulation Systems are systems that are patent protected.

*these are subject to certain conditions
**According to Australian Patents 583405/630228

For installations and replenishments, visit our website at www.a1pestcontrol.com.au or call on 0417 251 911