Sentricon Always Active Termite Baits

Sentricon Always Active Baits

How Sentricon has managed to completely revolutionize modern termite baiting systems

How it works

The timber inside the baits is injected with hexaflumuron. Hexaflumuron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor. This interferes with their ability to produce chitin. Chitin is a vital component in termite exoskeleton. This said, hexaflumoron prevents the termites to complete their moulting process. Termites will die if they can’t complete this process.

Termites will pass this on to other colony members via trophallaxis. This means that hexaflumuron is distributed throughout the colony witch kills of the whole colony.

Regardless of how much hexaflumuron is consumed, the toxicity won’t be evident until the termite moults. Termites don’t die in or near the Termiticide Rod, the Termiticide rod isn’t a repellent to unaffected termites and death is not associated with the Sentricon IF Trermiticide Rod.